Can I play if I am left handed?

Although polo must be played using the right hand to hold the mallet, Polocrosse can be played with the racket in either the right or left hand.

Do I need to be able to ride?

We teach many people completely from scratch and they rapidly pick up their balance and horsemanship skills. Polocrosse riding is very different from other riding styles so you may find it just as easy to learn from scratch as it is to learn to change riding styles.

Do I need my own pony?

we can supply you with a pony for lessons and we can even supply you with a pony for chukkas and matches as you become more advanced. However you can also learn on your own ponies even if they have not played polocrosse before.

Are the ponies easy to manage?

Very! They are very well schooled, easy to stop and turn and do not require strength to stop and turn. Polo and Polocrosse ponies are trained to be very light to the touch, so no force is needed at all.


The following types of lessons are available at Rugby Polocrosse Club:

On Hire Ponies-

Private & Group Adult Lessons £45.00
Schools & University Lessons £37.50
Pony Club Lessons POA (dependenat on groups and ponies available)

On Own Ponies-

Private Adult Lessons £25.00
Group Adult Lessons £10.00
Schools & University Lessons £20.00

Pony Schooling Lessons and Day Courses are also available